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Is the Powders Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Yes!. However, please note that neon colours are not lightfast and will fade over time being exposed to sun. You would want to use a UV protective varnish over it.

Can I Paint My Car, Skin, Cat, Nail or Shoes with the Powders?

Yes (except the cat and the skin),. However note that it is not waterproof and may crack so these may not be the best use of your lovely paintings.

Does the Powders Mix with Rubber Ink and Miniral Spirit Dilution Mix?

YES! We don't see why not! You'll need to experiment to get the ratios right but we know people use the powders in screen printing mediums and they work!

How Toxic are Powders to Animals?

Animals shouldn't come in contact with them, nor should they eat them. All the materials should be kept away from animals and pets!