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Is the Metallic Silver/Gold Acrylic Based?

Yes! The Goldest Gold and the Silveriest Silver are both acrylics!.

Does the Goldest Gold Contain Actual Gold?

It's actually a good question because the silveriest silver is real silver. Sadly the gold would have been way too expensive to use the real thing, so I use a blend of pigments to as closely as possible match the colour of the real gold.

How Does Gold and Silver Do on Leather Shoes and Bags?

It'll go on totally fine, it's pretty good. It's as hard-wearing as any acrylic so it will flake over time, you could use angelus as a top coat to protect it if you want.

How Does the Silveriest Silver Hold Up in Most Weather Conditions?

Yeah, it should hold up pretty well, even outdoors, but, it will need a few coats to get it nice and strong. So let it dry between layers and it'll be alright. It'll be alright for a few years, but you'll have to redo it. Maybe a couple of years in,

Is the Goldest Gold Acid Free?

Our materials are "archival" which means they do not contain any nasty acids or anything else that could discolour the paper.