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What is the Coverage of a Mirror Bottle?

It has amazing coverage - the seemingly small 15ml bottle will cover about 6.25m2!. Here's a video of Stuart demonstrating how to use Mirror:.

Is Mirror Non-Toxic?

Unfortunately not, it is a solvent. Take care when using.

Can I Use Mirror on Glass?

Actually! It's incredible on glass! It's REALLY REALLY REALLY good and you don't need to prime it with anything, but you REALLY need to know how to use it!. You need a REALLY soft synthetic brush and the tiniest bit of paint you've ever seen, and you

Can I Use Mirror Paint on Wood?

Painting on wood is generally fine but we always recommend sealing the wood first, the best thing to do is to paint a coat of PVA and water to seal the wood then let that dry for a few hours before painting with Mirror!.

How Durable is the Mirror Chrome Paint?

Mirror is actually pretty durable! I know some people use it on for example: model cars. Just put it on as thin as humanly possible and make sure it's properly dry. Here's a video of me painting it on glass which should help you get a sense of how to

Do I Need to Take Any Particular Precautions with Mirror?

Unlike our other materials this paint is solvent-based so please use it in a well-ventilated area.

Is Mirror Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Yes, you can. It is waterproof when it dries.

Can I Paint My Car or Shoes with Mirror?

Car, yes!. Shoes, it all depends on what material they are made of. If it's leather then Mirror will be fine. However, it will just get soaked in if it's a cotton or similar type of fabric.

What Surfaces Can I Use Mirror On?

Mirror is amazing on all non-absorbent and sealed surfaces.

Can I Mix Mirror Into Resin?

We wouldn’t suggest mixing it into epoxy resin but it will be great over a cured piece or pour clear resin over dried Mirror.

Can I Spray Mirror?

Yes, you can spray Mirror straight out of the bottle, but make sure you have your mask on AND CLEAN IMMEDIATELY.

For Mirror, is it Possible to do Large Orders?

It's not really possible to make it in big quantities at this moment in time.

Can Mirror be Used with a Graco Spray Gun?

You can use it in a airbrush, We think an industrial wall size sprayer would work but we'd advise against using it on such a large scale as the fumes would be terrible for months. Really the best way to get the best finish from mirror is to brush app

How Can I Thin Mirror That Has Thickened a Little?

The precise thinner in mirror is a weird industrial solvent called "1-methoxy-2-propanol". It is in theory possible to get hold of that exactly and add a few drops in it to thin it out. However, white spirit should work just as well.

Can I Mix Older Mirror with New Mirror into the New Container?

Yes! The formulation hasn't changed :)

Can I Paint Over Old Mirror?

Our experience of layering mirror over mirror is that sometimes it can go weeiiirddddd, we'd avoid it if you can!

Can a Liquid Mirror be Thinned?

Potentially with a solvent, but there's really no point. It's already 1 micron thin (as thin as a single bloodcell) It's probably one of the thinnest materials in the world. You'll be able to spray it or airbrush it. If you use a paint brush it will