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Can you use Black 3.0 on a car?

We are so sorry but 3.0 isn't durable enough to be used on your car or anywhere outside unless you are happy to retouch what you've painted as it can scuff. At this in moment in time...

Can I use Black 3.0 on Leather?

Sadly Black 3.0 doesn't really work on leather at all, it tends to go grey. It's also not very durable so it would scratch off. As it's super matte, if you put any kind of varnish or seal over it, it will destroy the effect of the paint.

Does the Black 3.0 Get Less Black Over Time?

No is your answer!. It doesn't fade in sunlight as all the pigments we use in the studio are rated for lightfastness. However it’s possible it can get a bit dusty and appear lighter. Sometimes that can knock the colour back, the best thing to do is g

Can I Paint Mirror Over Black 3.0?

I would absolutely NOT recommend painting mirror over black 3.0, it will react and go totally weird. If you wanted to do a black base coat underneath, my raven potion is great, but in most cases you won't need a black paint underneath. You can paint

Can I Use Black 3.0 Near an Open Flame?

It's not flamable however it's not flame retardant either. As it's a waterborne acrylic it's not flamable in the way a solvent paint would be. Sometimes I know people need artwork to be fire proof for example in a theatre, and black 3.0 doesn't meet

Is it OK to Use Liquitex Matte Clear Coat with Black 3.0?

No it's not. You can't use any kind of varnish or topcoat over Black 3.0. There's no material out there as matte as 3.0 so anything you put over it will add sheen and make the surface smooth and a bit shiny. It can also sometimes causes white marks.

How Durable Would your Black Paints be on Glass?

It all depends which black you are using. Black 2 goes on glass beautifully with a soft brush and I'd recommend that even if you go for a top coat of Black 3.0. Neither 2 or 3.0 is durable though, they will scratch odd and they don't like to be handl

How Does Black 3.0 Work with Watercolours and Gouache? Can I Paint with Gouache on Black 3.0?

You won't be able to paint watercolours over Black 3.0 they just won't show up. Gouache can work depending on the brand and how you apply it, if you move it about too much on the surface it will pick up some Black 3.0 and it will go muddy. Really Bla

What Exact Brush Would you Recommend for Black 3.0?

Well my go to brush is Pro Arte, Sterling Acrylic, but Liquitex Freestyle brushes are also great. If you are on a budget, Cryla brand acrylic brushes are good.

Is Black 3.0 Suitable for Outdoor Use?

No, sadly this paint is not waterproof and may get damaged outdoors. There is no clear varnish as matte as this paint to protect it and attempting to use any top coat over BLACK 3.0 will likely ruin the finish.

What Surfaces Can I Use Black 3.0 On?

Black 3.0 works with most surfaces: wood, paper, canvas, plastic, metal, plaster etc!.

What Paint Brushes Do You Recommend For Use With Black 3.0?

I always recommend good quality soft synthetic brushes. Some of my favourites are Liquitex Freestyle, Pro-arte Sterling, Coltman or Cryla.

Can I Spray Black 3.0?

Yes, it can be thinned with water and our own FLOW for use with SPRAY or an airbrush. You would need to experiment and see what nozzle and ratio work best for you. Drop us a DM with your results, I’d love to see how you get on!.

Can I Mix Black 3.0 Into Resin?

No, epoxy resin will damage it. I wouldn’t suggest mixing it into epoxy resin, clear varnish or any other paints.

Can I Dye Clothes with Black 3.0?

No, sadly, it will just crack on fabric and will get soaked in. The fabric medium will damage it and you won't be able to wash it as it is an acrylic paint.

Is Black 3.0 Non-Toxic?

Yes, but I wouldn’t drink it.

What is the Coverage of a Black 3.0 Bottle?

The 150ml bottle will cover about 1.2m2

What is the Difference Between Black 3.0 and Black 2?

Black 2 was the most pigmented, flattest, mattest, black acrylic paint in the world until I made Black 3. Even though I've produced Black 3.0 now, Black 2 is still an amazing paint if you need a one coat application on almost any surface. It's also f

For Painting Telescope Tubes, Would Black 3.0 Have the Durability to Withstand Exposure to Dew Over Time?

That's a tricky one! We don't think Black 3.0 would be anymore susceptible to dew then any other black paint. It should be fine. We know a lot of people are using Black 3.0 in telescope's and also camera body's to remove stray light. We think it will

Black 3.0 as a Cell Activator in Acrylic Pouring?

Black 3.0 is an acrylic resin, not an oil, so it won't create cells and using it in a pour may gloss over the finish and lose the depth shrugs.

Does the Black Collection Include an Ivory Black or Bone Black Pigment?

Sorry no, Stuart hasn't made a bone or ivory. He always tries to make materials you can't get anywhere else. There are some amazing Bone and Ivory's out there. Stuart's blacks are designed to absorb loads of light, and be very flat and velvety. They