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THE SPRAY STORYUpdated a year ago


Made by Stuart SempleFor years, people have been asking us to make spray versions of Stuart's paints. Rather than do that - he's re-invented the spray itself, now you can spray anything with SPRAY!

Stuart wanted to create a device that you could transport, use how you like, with what you like. Simple, eco, and powerful. In an ideal world, he'd love it if you never had to buy a nasty aerosol ever again!

Stuart believes by arming artists with better, more potent materials and tools they will be able to make better, more inspiring work for the world to enjoy.

Artists have loads of interesting paints, and if they could spray with them it would open up so many new creative avenues.

8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our ocean daily. 79% of plastic waste is sent to landfills or the ocean, while only 9% is recycled, and 12% gets incinerated. Clearly, we need to find a creative use for plastic bottles.

Single-use plastics are wrong and bad, aerosols are also damaging to the environment, and spray cans are a nightmare as they aren't recyclable.

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