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THE SNOW STORYUpdated a year ago


Made by Artist Stuart Semple

We know during the festive season a lot of our community gets arty! Giving a gift you’ve made someone is so special, whether it’s a card, or a decoration, or a piece of your art. Sharing our creativity is so precious… So Stuart wanted to share a special something from the lab to help bring some magic to the gifts you create for your friends and family…. SNOW

We stumbled across this bizarre hybrid pigment whilst researching something else, and just had to share it with you all because we know you will make awesome things with it! We made fluffy glitter

If you really love sparkly stuff and want to dazzle those looking at your work with something unique, you'll love what's possible with SNOW. 

It's unlike any glitter you've ever seen or used before, this strange hybrid fluffy glitter is nothing short of pure magic. It's wonderful iridescent puffs refract the light at several angles to create gorgeous surface effects on your work.

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