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THE EASY KLEIN STORYUpdated a year ago


Made by Artist Stuart Semple

Made so Artists can use the famous Klein Blue.

In 1960 the artist Yves Klein registered the formulation for his iconic International Klein Blue (IKB), which meant other artists couldn’t use it. 

Now, for the first time in history, we are able to share an Incredibly Kleinish Blue of our own with all artists. Stuart Semple is obsessed with democratizing colors and materials and getting them in the hands of creators, so they can make better work. He has worked tirelessly with his team in the studio to crack the holy grail of blues. 

Like Klein’s original formula the effect of this paint is a unique, rich, and distinctive blue. Totally flat, and ultra-matte. A beautiful absorbing almost powdery tone. Unlike Klein’s formula this paint is not toxic, doesn’t smell bad and the pure pigment doesn’t clump. It’s a joy to paint with. 

We know the community has been asking for this since we started and we’ve worked so hard to make this for everyone, we really hope you enjoy it and that you make some incredible work.

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