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REFUNDUpdated 18 days ago


No problem, we understand!

If you ordered less than 10 days ago and we’ve not sent your order yet you can get a full refund

Just let us know that you want to cancel here:

If it’s been longer than 10 days and less than 3 months, even if you’re paint hasn’t arrived yet we can’t refund it because we will have started to make it for you. 

If you’ve got your paint and you’re not happy with it, as long as you received it less than 30 days ago you can return it!

To do that we need a bit more info from you, you can click here to tell us all about it and get started!

If it’s taken longer than 3 months to get your order to you and you don’t want it anymore, we are happy to refund you, please visit this link and request to cancel your order. 

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