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Is it Possible to Use Any Paint with an Airbrush?Updated 3 months ago

Great question!
The simple answer is yes, a lot of the paints will spray as they are, straight out the bottle. 
Mirror is great, rainbow liquid too. 
All the potions can be sprayed but need to be thinned with water (about 30% depending on your nozzle) 
If you're using the powders in superbase, this can also be sprayed, BUT we recommend using a muller to make sure there's no lumps when you mix them together, and adding about 25% water to your mix. 
Saying that, Stuart invented all the paints to be amazing with nothing more than a paintbrush and you'll find that using a good soft brush, and as LITTLE paint as humanly possible (a tiny bit on tip of brush, pushing it to go as far as it can) will give you the very best finish. 
Often people are surprised at how much better brushing is than spraying. 
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